My New Class: Rise and Shine!

"Wake up early in the morning!" is how I apparently used to greet my mother super early in the morning. I was totally born to lead an early morning class called "Rise and Shine!"

Photo by: Eneko Uruñuela

Photo by: Eneko Uruñuela

My new class, "Rise and Shine" begins Wednesday, September 5, 2018, at 8:00 am! I cannot freaking wait!

This is a 60-minute gentle flow class with 15 minutes of pranayama and meditation after asana. I want the class to feel scrumptious every movement feeling like the first stretch of the day. I have the class pretty much planned (and of course, the music pick out thanks to Steve Pulvers).

New classes take a few weeks to get established but this is the exact kind of class I was looking to teach. I am going to be incorporating Hatha, Yin, and Restorative into my sequence using just the right balance of holding alignment while letting go. 

We have a tea maker at the studio but I wish I could have coffee and donuts for everyone after. Healthy donuts. If that's a thing. 

Keep you posted on how it goes! 

Remember, I do offer online private instruction so if you are interested in a nice and easy gentle flowing stretch class early in the morning lets talk