Steve Pulvers


I. Can't. Stop. Listening. 

I was planning a Mindfulness Meditation class and selecting music when I stumbled upon Mr. Steve Pulvers

I have listened to him non-stop since I found him this past Friday evening on iTunes (iMusic? of the i-something-or-others). 

I made a playlist of 12 of his songs and I've had it on repeat for the last, oh, I'd say 60 hours. 

My absolute favorite song that makes me drift off to a warm, lazy dream world is Found Grace from his Acoustic Journey album. I'm obsessed.

His gentle acoustic guitar playing has me in some trance. Like when your eyes stare off into a daze. Ugh, it just makes my heart sing. 

I have a new class called Rise and Shine - it's an early morning gentle flow class with pranayama meditation at the end. Mr. Pulvers will 1000% be attending. I cannot wait to be hugged by the warmth of a sunrise while having sweet guitar nothings whispered into my ears. 

Is anyone else experiencing a wild love affair with Steve Pulvers' music? If so we should be friends.